Sharing Your Story

Thanks so much for your interest in writing a post for the Last Call Project! Here’s some more info that you may find helpful while you’re going over ideas or figuring out how to put your experiences into words. As the site is meant to be a resource for people that are thinking of transitioning out of their current career, are actively trying to, or have done so (congratulations!), think of your post as the info you wish you had known about ahead of time before you made your decision but instead had to learn the hard way (not that this is necessarily bad). Think back to that time and the process/transformation you underwent, and write the note that you wish you could’ve received from your future self that would’ve made everything easier. The note that would’ve saved you time banging your head against the wall or that would’ve prevented you from making the mistakes you made along the way—whether that’s around going back to school, starting a business, trying to interview for different positions, etc.

But your post could be more than that: you could think of it as something philanthropic to help others that are at the very beginning or somewhere along in the process of the same journey you undertook. Below are just some rough ideas of things that could be written about for those at any stage—and remember there are no rules or guidelines. Communicate whatever you like but remember: This project isn’t just about the steps from A-Z that you took; it’s also about people identifying with you and your story because those people are going to be feeling something resembling what you were feeling then. And they’re going to be thankful they can learn from your experiences and know that they’re not alone. Because it can be shitty and it can be tough when you’re trying to make major life changes!

For those that are thinking about leaving their career

What are the obstacles you face and what concerns you? Uncertainty, financial worries, retooling, starting over, acquiring new industry experience? How do you balance out these things against not feeling happy with where you’re at? How could you work at addressing these things? If you’re in a comfortable place financially or otherwise (plus potentially have financial obligations by way of family or dependents) it can be very difficult to risk upending your situation. If you’re a single parent, you may think you don’t have enough time to work, take care of your child, and retool. You can work through these things and talk about them in your writing. What you write can be open-ended and you can continue it later as you and your journey evolve.

For those that have left their career and gone on to something else

Think back to how you felt then: Maybe it was frustration at how hard it could be to get out of your current industry. Maybe it was fear because you didn’t have any other skills, training, or experience to get another job with. Maybe most of your social network was people in your industry or office and no one else understood where you were at. If you made a lucrative income maybe there was the fear that you would have to start over and make far less initially or period. If you have a family or people that financially depend on you maybe there was the fear that you wouldn’t be able to meet those obligations. Maybe there was a fear of failure. What was your journey and process? How did things ultimately work out for you? Are you happy now?

For those that have advanced themselves within their current career or are interested in doing so

It can be difficult to do this—maybe you want to move laterally into another department in your company or maybe you’re trying climb higher on your current career path. Talk about the considerations and challenges you face.

There aren’t really any guidelines to writing a post, except that you should feel free to write as much as you want. More is better than less. Don’t hold back the blood, sweat, and tears! Also, you’re encouraged to include pictures, links, videos, whatever you want. The site doesn’t have an online tool where you can add your post, but if you write it in a document (or directly in an email) you can include anything you want and I can put it together for you—you’ll also be able to check it out before it goes live to see if it looks ok. Please send it to

Finally, please promote yourself and what you’re doing now! Not only will it help you, but it will also help to inspire people as to what the possibilities are. Also, if you have any other ideas or improvements for the site (or this page) please let me know!

Thank you so much for contributing and congratulations on all your hard work!