Finding the Right Path: Step Four

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Often fear of the unknown can hold us back. Letting go of the need to know all the answers right now can open up your mind to things you would not have considered previously. Here’s how to turn your fear into freedom…

It can seem like an impossible task to get away from the fears we experience when considering making a change. First it’s important to know that our happiness is made up of all the emotions…not just the ones we perceive as being positive.

So fear, anger, sadness all have their positive benefits and play vital parts in making up a whole person.

You can’t make white without ALL the colours of the rainbow.

Often when you feel like there is something missing from your life - it’s one of these emotions that is being rejected - because we don’t want to feel it.

Feeling is… being alive!

How is your fear helping you?

  • Fear is an indicator…fear shows you that something is of importance to you…you care about what’s happening. The more fear you feel - the closer that thing is to your heart

  • Fear protects you… you’ve heard of fight or flight. So the question is… Is this situation life-threatening? Do I need to be afraid and run away or avoid this otherwise I’ll die?

  • Fear is a signal you are learning and growing - if you’re telling yourself you are learning and growing but you aren’t feeling any fear then you are probably not really expanding or treading any new ground

  • Fear produces the same feelings as excitement - it’s just a different label…which name do you choose?

Transforming your FEAR…

Once you understand that your fear is helping you - it’s easier to accept and allow it. Rejecting your fear only makes it stronger.

Here are a few ways to transform your fear…

  • Lean into your fear - go towards it and allow yourself to really feel it fully.

  • Ask yourself - what’s the worst possible thing that can happen? And if that ‘thing’ happened - what would you do? Allow for this possibility and all the feelings that would go with it.

  • Start taking action despite your fear. Act as if what you want is already happening - as if you were no longer fearful…you will suddenly find that particular fear has gone!

  • Be curious…use your fear as a helpful and welcome indicator of an area which requires deeper exploration. Suspend your judgement…imagine you are a detective and just see what you might find?

Take some time to really examine what’s behind your fear. Examining can’t hurt you! As with sadness and anger…fear will dissipate once you fully accept and allow it!


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