Finding the Right Path: Step Three

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5 Steps to: Finding the right path
How to use the most powerful tool you have to guide you…

Step 3: CONNECT TO YOUR HEART…your highest intuition

Is your choice of direction in alignment with your heart - your highest intuition? Do you want to find out what’s REALLY right for the unique person that you are? NOT what you think you SHOULD do!!

Your heart…is the first part of you to develop before you are born. This part of you starts interacting with the world before even your brain develops, responding to stimuli from the outside world…in fact it has it’s own brain cells and memory. This part of you is the very core of who you are - it’s your highest intuition. It holds all your answers…your truth. Your heart is your very own gold dust…

It’s vital - to learn how to connect with this most important part of you that you will always be able to rely on in the future. This will act as your most powerful guide, once you tune in and understand how to listen out for what it’s telling you.

How to start listening to your heart… WARM UP Read through a selection of quotations and find a few that really speak to you. You will see that there is no logic as to which ones draw your attention… quotes speak to the heart not the mind. This is an ideal warm up as your heart will be touched:

1. Create a clean, clear space

If your environment is cluttered and hectic, consider a declutter and get rid of all the things that steal your attention…that you no longer want or need. Create a calm, open space that encourages a heart connection. Clear your body of alcohol, drugs or any toxins that may interfere with using this important channel of communication.

2. Make time

Block off some chunks of time in your calendar that are just for you. Author Elaine St. James said, “One of the reasons we keep our lives so complicated is so we won’t have to listen to our inner voice telling us what we need to do to make our lives work better.” Make time for yourself. Allow some quiet time without any screens or gadgets nearby…this is so necessary for listening!

3. Touch your heart

So you’ve created your space and made some time…now what?? Create a daily heart listening ritual. You’re going to listen and feel. Start by sitting quietly for a few minutes with your left hand on your heart (center of your chest is where your spiritual heart is) and your eyes closed. Slow your breathing a little. First direct your attention to your hand until you can feel your fingers…then to your heart. Listen. You may not hear anything at first, but if you keep doing this your heart will start to reveal the answers you are looking for.

Choose just one simple question to ask…and wait a while. It may be that your answers appear outside of the sitting so be sure to keep listening.

Take some time to practice this regularly and see what happens Tip: Try not to have any expectations…urgency slows this process! Keep a pen and paper nearby to make notes of what your heart tells you.


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