Finding the Right Path: Step Two

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5 Steps to: Finding the right path

Step 2: EXPAND YOUR VISION - What are your limits?

In order to think bigger and see more of your true potential you need a certain degree of calm if you want to gain that clarity. Often we get ‘stuck’ buzzing round and round with the same old thoughts. The world seems to get smaller and we feel like there is no longer space for any big ideas, goals or dreams.

Imagine you are in a small boat on the sea looking out toward the horizon… if the sea is choppy - you will not be able to see very far. There may be islands with many treasures…but they will be hidden from view. In the same way, your mind needs to be calm for you to see further. It needs to be unclouded by worries and fears, so you can gain the unlimited panoramic vision you need…to see your true potential and your way forward.

How to quickly calm the choppy waves of your mind…

Use your senses…it’s fast and effective! Sit still and try the following - for at least 5 minutes:

Close your eyes and listen – what sounds can you hear? Try to listen out for 5 different sounds you can hear right now. Without judging or labelling them– just be curious – what sort of sounds are they? high pitched / intermittent / changing? How would you re-create this sound? What does silence sound like?

Where can you feel your body? Find 5 places where you can feel your body eg where your body touches your chair / the floor / itself etc. Notice where this is happening – send your attention to those parts of Your body as you become aware of each one..

We can only place our attention fully in one place at any one time. These are 2 of the quickest and most effective ways of instantly escaping your unsettled thoughts and replacing them with calm, as you direct your attention elsewhere.

Take some time to practice these regularly and see what works for you. Notice how your breathing slows, your horizon expands as you feel calmer! Make a few notes of your insights.


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