Finding the Right Path: Introduction

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5 Steps to: Finding the right path

Are you sick of bartending? Hello, all you wonderful people out there with talents as yet undiscovered and delightful new paths to unfold… IS YOUR JOB BEHIND THE BAR meaningless? Do you feel like not going in today - or any other day? Maybe you’re bored and feel stifled? Maybe you thought that learning how to make hundreds of cocktails and meeting well-known people would make you feel successful, but whilst you have everything a person your age should want - plenty of invitations, parties, money, (speed bartending skills!!) …actually you’re miserable and unfulfilled. Sound familiar? Whether you want to leave your job because of any of the above or maybe it’s just too physically demanding, it can be a daunting decision.

Don’t worry…you’re in the right place!

After 2 major career changes - I fully understand what’s happening for you… not only the NEED FOR CHANGE but the difficulties that go with making that decision…and then seeing it through. For starters all your frustrations can only serve you as they make up the rocket fuel needed to kick off any serious change. For each time you feel pissed off..think of it as one step closer to making the change you want to see happening.

I’m going to help you to take 5 steps to finding the right path for YOU. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think of all the career possibilities out there - plus should you/shouldn’t you go back to school etc. Don’t worry about all that for now…just know that it’s fantastic that this planet (and soon other planets?!) hold so many exciting opportunities… just sitting out there waiting for you to come along…

That’s a GOOD thing right???


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