The idea for the Last Call Project coalesced in May of 2017. I had graduated from my degree program two years prior at the (not so) tender age of 41. While ruminating about my experiences during this often tumultuous, scary, and wonderful time, I realized in retrospect that by sharing my pitfalls and successes I might be able to help others who were either thinking about making the journey I made or were in some stage of actively doing so. As I had been bartending to support myself during both my university time and before, I had been having ongoing conversations with some of my service industry friends that were undertaking similar journeys to mine. As most had not yet graduated and were still in school, I realized that I could help them by sharing things I had learned (oftentimes the hard way) that they had yet to encounter.

Through other contact with friends who wanted to escape the service industry but were daunted and discouraged by the difficulty of doing so (a sentiment I knew all too well), I began to realize there were many others in every industry and walk of life who were also in some phase of what I had gone through. Thus, the idea slowly germinated to provide some kind of portal or aid for those curious about effecting this kind of change for themselves, so as to lessen their travails and to make their decisions more informed. In addition to my own story, I thought it would be useful to have stories of some of my friends that had gone through their own versions of what I had. As there is no one path to do this, the greater the number of different perspectives and possibilities presented, the larger available pool there is from which one can synthesize their own course of action.


The fundamental goal of this site is to help people in all industries to get information about changing their lives and empowering them to do so—whatever the change may be that they ultimately decide to make. The idea behind each of the posts is for each author to be as honest as possible and to describe in as much truth as they’re comfortable with their process—what made them want to exit their industry, the steps they took, the struggles they faced along the way, and the outcome. For some, the path of growth may not entail them leaving their industry entirely, but instead may ultimately lead to some sort of progression or promotion within it.

I hope the posts and information you read here will help you, encourage you, and save you some of the hardships that those who have made this journey before you have encountered. Here’s to Last Call!


Last Call was done entirely using open source software. It is powered by the Ruby gem Jekyll and the amazing Minimal Mistakes template. It is hosted through GitHub Pages, was developed with the text editor Atom, the Markdown editor MacDown, and uses fonts from Google Fonts. All images are either royalty-free or are attributed to their owners.